What I’ve learned in 2011

In one of the quilting chat-rooms to which I belong, it was requested we submit ideas about what we have learned in the past year. I thought all of you might enjoy my answer, too. Dear Quilting Friends, I’ve enjoyed reading the many things all of you have...

Shoe Tree

Our friend in Oregon told us about shoe trees.  Whenever people see one they stop and throw a pair of shoes up on it.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Although we looked we didn’t spot one on our trip.  But here’s a picture our friend took.

One More thing-Redd Wagons West

At the last week I decided to do a commemorative quilt pattern to be sold as a fund raiser for Redd Family Research. I pulled pictures from some patterns I already had and drew new ones to go along with family stories and events. I was up all night trying to get a...

saying goodbye to Joe

We’ve prayed for this day, but it’s hard to say goodbye. Here are some pictures of the last day. I wish we had taken more!