2 weeks ago: I thought I’d post this letter because it was so full of our activities.

I hope you had a super birthday. We remembered, but couldn’t call to sing to you. We were singing in our hearts. BTW Mary’s been sick – laryngitis. She came to our ward for Sac. meeting and then went to the singles and to “Break the Fast.” Tonight they have a service project.

I picked 5 Qts. of blackberries and them made them into juice to get rid of the seeds. Everything here is burning up. I’m watering the berries twice a day and covering them in the afternoon for shade. The Hydrangeas are all turning grey with heat exhaustion. They were so beautiful and blue. I think I sent you a pix didn’t I. (I’ll posdt good pix – not the way they look now!) I’m trying to water them daily. I don’t know what will happen when we go to Dave’s for a few days for Nina’s baptism. We leave tomorrow morning.

The Tadlocks are coming today to pick blackberries and thin the apple tree for a ladies’ horse. Everything is ripening early. The Korean pear is about the only one on schedule. I’m also going to have them pull the lily sticks. I think they’ll have fun doing it. The lilies were gone by mid June rather than the end. I can’t keep up wilth all the fruit. I just ate one of the apples and It’s not bad for the size and maturity,.
On Firday night we had a skype for everyone to talk to Mary. During the meeting Jack’s electricity went off. A huge chunk of the eatern seaboard lost electricity because of storms, and may be heat. We had an electric storm the other night, hardly any rain and I worried about fire.
By now Daniel is either on his way to Atlanta or already there. He has training there before going on to Charlotte.

What are your plans for the 4th of July? We met Taji at the Pharmacy and she’s going to Las Vegas for her daughter’s wedding on the 4th! That’s the date my Mom and Dad got married.

I’m drawing today, as usual– “Japonica Blooms,” “Geisha Garden” and “??Japanese Stripe?” I also need another that will work for the club. Maybe a Paisley in honor of the games in London, or maybe a baby pattern I have sketches for.

I was reading in 2 Nephi chapters 19-21 I love that area. There’s so much imagery, I can read and re-=read and styill see more information. In 20 it was talking about being consumed (burned) and then flooded. I fell it’s a bit like that now. I wonder if the weather will stay hot through August or if we’ll have an early winter. The later is what I’m hopiing for.

Week of July 9th:  That was 2-3 weeks ago. I made juice out of all those berries, but
from the second 5 qts. of berries Dad and I picked last week I made 17 small bottles of jam. No I didn’t strain out the seeds. Too tired! It tastes great.

It was a little cooler last week but I hear it’s going to be hot coming up. We had a tiny bit of rain, if you can call it that, but the clouds helped a lot.
We haven’t been doing anything special. Mary’s been doing a lot of sewing. We tried to get a new Temple dress made for her, but didn’t finish in time for last week, so we’re supposed to work on it today.

Very sad news. The Blue Van has died. :(( crying I’ve actually been crying. Did I tell you I’d promised to clean her as a thank you? I felt I needed to do it before we lost her. Some people came by wanting to shampoo our carpet, so I let them shampoo the van’s carpet. I’m sure glad I did. The motor’s been really rough for a few months, but the brakes went out and tore up all the bearings, or something. Scott said he’ll let us leave it in his lot for a few days to get used to it! He knows how much we cared about that van.
We had already started buying a little Red Focus for Mary. It needed new tie-rods and will be ready today or tomorrow. I guess Heavenly Father just kept the van going until we could find another. Now we have to look for another family car in earnest. Dad wants 4-wheel drive and I think that’s a good idea.

Well I thought you’d all like a bit of news from Kansas.

Love to all! Mom