The big tree in our backyard is gone! Remember how it caught on fire one year and the firemen just stood around and watched because they couldn’t shoot a stream of water up onto the tree with hot wires running through it?
Dad and I realized it would have to go sooner or later, and we’d just as soon not pay for it. So a few weeks ago when the power company came around I told them it was all right to take it. I’m sure on some hot day in the future we’ll regret it.
My huge regret already is that I forgot that I wanted to build a table on top of the stump and let them cut in to the quick before remembering. I’ve been kicking myself ever since. there’s no point in kicking the tree because it’s cut flat to the ground.
Hmmm. I wonder if they’re coming back for the pancake that’s left on if we’ll trip over it from now on.
I know you’ll be interested in seeing the evidence, so I took a lot of pix.

Love, Mom