In one of the quilting chat-rooms to which I belong, it was requested we submit ideas about what we have learned in the past year. I thought all of you might enjoy my answer, too.
Dear Quilting Friends,
I’ve enjoyed reading the many things all of you have written.
I had expected to hear only about clever tricks you’d learned for machine quilting, but was impressed, rather, by the very meaningful comments you’ve made. Many commented on the importance of health and the true meanings of life. So if you don’t mind, I will do the same.
1. Several years ago I was very ill and thought I might die. No, it was not the cancer, but something unidentified for many months. During that time, I lay thinking about a quilt I had not finished and wondered if some other kind soul would finish it for my daughter. I determined I would leave behind something – a lasting legacy – hence the MeadowLyon patterns. This desire to leave something by which to be remembered has continued and been a great source of happiness.
2. I’ve thought about eternal values and my relationship with God. Now, those thoughts sometimes come and go, but this year I’ve found myself constantly grateful for the many blessings I have. And I feel a closeness when I whisper those thanks. I’ve learned that “expressing” gratitude is powerfully satisfying.
3. Maybe it’s a result of their maturity and growth, but I’ve learned my kids are “people.” I find myself very grateful for them and have felt great joy in seeing their progress and kindness toward myself and each other. Wow, they’ve grown into adults and learned the lessons I was trying to hammer into them!
4. Oh yes, I’ve learned a lot more about quilting although I still need help with tension. I pore over those postings looking for solutions! So please keep asking and answering questions! I have a lot to learn.
5. I’ve learned more about eating better, although the Holidays have undone my progress.
6. Just today, I opened a Christmas present (away for the holidays) and found a framed photo of a dear friend. I learned and was touched that she loved us enough to give such a personal thing. Yes, I do think it personal because she obviously knew we loved her enough to treasure it. It made me think of the many people who have influenced the lives of my husband and I and our children and have, just now, determined to collect pictures of those people to offer each of them. My tenderhearted sons and daughters have assisted many an elderly friend and I think they’d like to have pictures by which to remember them. Their Dad is a great example as I know many of your husbands are. So now I have a new goal for 2012.
7. I’ve learned to know my grandchildren, now growing as individuals.
8. I’ve learned to appreciate my children’s spouses and the sacrifices they make so we can spend time together.
9. I’ve learned to appreciate many of my customers ( many of you!). So often they’ll call with a question and we end up talking about our lives and families and faith. These are people from across the world and we are one in spirit! It’s been an exciting discovery that strangers, brought together by quilting, can feel so close.
10. I’ve learned I can visit shows across the country and find friends who I want to hug and they want to hug me. You are real friends and I appreciate you! That’s why I dare reveal such personal thoughts to you today. Thanks for being wonderful people!
10b. I do wish I’d learned to clean up better and be more organized. I do see the value in it. Maybe next year!
Much Love and Learning in the New Year,
Judy Lyon